Lab Director

Cali Photo Ashley Johnson Harrison, Ph.D.


 CAARE Lab Graduate Students


 Madison Paff

I am a third-year doctoral student in the educational psychology program with an emphasis in school psychology. I graduated from Presbyterian College in 2014 with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and a B.A. in Spanish, and I attained my M.A. in Educational Psychology in December 2017. Some of my research interests include disparities in accessing early childhood services, cross-cultural comparisons, mental health literacy, and autism spectrum disorders. I love to travel and to learn about other cultures, and once I graduate, I hope to continue to work with and serve diverse populations.

 Yvette Bean, M.A.

I am a first year doctoral student in the educational psychology program with an emphasis in school psychology. I have a bachelors of arts degree in psychology from Elon University and a Master of Arts with a concentration in clinical psychology from Towson University. My research interests include attention and cross-cultural assessment and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder. I enjoy horseback riding and dancing. Once I graduate I would like to work with children with developmental disabilities in a school or clinical setting.

Visiting Graduate Students

 Maggie Molony M.S., BCBA

I obtained my BCBA certification and Masters degree in Behavior Analysis and Therapy from Southern Illinois University in 2015.  I have over 8 years’ experience working with both children and adults with varying developmental and intellectual disabilities in numerous environments, including a psychiatric hospital, home settings, clinics, and schools. I was also Team Leader Behavior Counselor and conducted in-home parent training weekly with parents who abused and/or neglected their children. I have continued working with parents here at Georgia and have created a program for our families at the UGA behavior clinic.  I am currently completing my second year in the Ph.D program at UGA and I consult in both schools and at the UGA behavior clinic with both children and adults with disabilities. I am active in presenting both posters and presentations at the annual ABAI conference and other ABA-related conferences. My areas of interest include staff and parent training across various environments and also increasing and improving adult services. 


Undergraduate Research Assistants

 Sydney Erickson

I am a first-year Biology major and Spanish minor with a pre-medical intent. I have had experience with children with Autism through volunteer opportunities as well as an internship in a special education pre-k classroom. I am excited to learn more about eye tracking as well as possible barriers for early intervention. In the future, I hope to become a pediatrician and serve as a resource to children and families with Autism and other developmental disorders.


 Mitra Kumareswaran

I am a fourth-year with a double major in Biology (with a Neuroscience emphasis) and English. I was a research assistant in the UGA Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, and I am excited to have joined the CAARE lab. I have worked with children with autism and other special needs through volunteering, internships, and shadowing therapists. I am especially interested in studying how children with autism learn language, and I am eager to learn more about how eye-tracking is utilized to better understand the relationship between autism and joint attention. I plan to attend medical school and pursue either pediatric neurology or developmental pediatrics with a focus in autism.

 Rose Engel

I am a second year biology premed student here at the University of Georgia. My research interest stems from incorporating neurodiversity into the workforce to equally benefit both the employer and employee.  I’m specifically interested in helping those with ASD reach their full academic potential. I’m incredibly excited to work with CAARE this semester and get a grasp for research in general. In the future, I am hoping to go into neurology and work with diagnosis in addition to treatment.

Alex Marion

I am a third year here at UGA pursuing a bachelors degree in psychology with a minor in biology. My participation in the lab stems from my interest in mental health. I serve as president of NAMI on Campus UGA, a student organization dedicated to reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness and to providing support for students impacted by it. Appropriately, my primary research interest concerns the stigma associated with autism. Finally, I hope to become a physician, potentially a psychiatrist, once I begin my career.

Courtney Cunningham

     I am currently a Marketing, Pre-Med major at UGA and I aspire to become a Pediatrician with a private practice as well as to work with the Doctors Without Borders program. I am interested in Neuroscience and Psychology research due to my involvement with the Special Needs community. I love being involved with the CAARE Lab because it not only provides me with the understanding I seek of others and their needs especially in the ASD community, but also allows me the chance to investigate and advocate for the discrepancies found in health care industry.

Dorna Mansouri

I am a second-year Biology major and Spanish minor with Pre-Med intent. I have always been interested in Autism research with children because of my interest in pediatrics as well as my experience in the past working with Special Olympics, Extra Special People, and projects related to working with special education students in my community. I am specifically interested in studying behavior responses of young children with and without ASD through the process of eye-tracking. In my future, I hope to work in pediatrics and be involved with global medical research.



Past Team Members

imfar Ashley Dubin, M.A.


10406553_10202982938472668_1302367250729220296_n Maggie Naughton


Allison Allison Fialkowski


Katelynn Katelynn Porto


Me and Landon Bergen Aughey


Mylissa Mylissa Slane, M.S.

FullSizeRender  Sidra Shakil

Sanjida Sanjida Mowla

11025772_868092216561352_9020090267134996306_n Rebecca Miller

 Sarah Futch



Brianna Cochran

November 30, 1994 – March 25, 2015


Brianna was an undergrad research assistant in the CAARE lab.  She loved working with kids and planned to be a pediatric surgeon. She enjoyed traveling and learning about the world. Brianna was truly a lovely young woman, inside and out. Her vibrancy, kindness, and extraordinary gift for making others feel special will be something that we will miss every day.