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Are you a UGA student or an adult with ASD?

The UGA CAARE Lab offers several groups (peer support and social and life skills) during the Fall and Spring semesters every year. Please email us at to find out when and where our groups meet and with any questions. We also offer a peering mentoring program called campus coaches. 

Peer Support Group: 

This group is a free-form discussion-based group that serves as a peer support group in which individuals with ASD can express their concerns to other adults with ASD.

Social and Life Skills Group:

In this group, we assess the needs of the group members and develop lessons on specified topics of interest. Topics have included social skills, budgeting and money management, relationships and dating, organization, self-esteem, and academic skills.

Campus Coaches:

Campus Coaches is a part of UGA Resources Inspiring Student Excellence (UGA RISE) initiative. Making the transition to post-secondary education could pose several challenges for college students with ASD. With the intention to make this transition easier, Campus Coaches will pair an UGA student with ASD to a veteran UGA student who will assist their peers on activities such as navigating campus areas, navigating public transportation, social skill advancement (e.g., communicating with friends and professors) or just to meet occasionally for coffee or a slice of pizza. Campus Coaches are committed to promoting a positive college experience for UGA students with autism.

Who can participate?

Any interested UGA undergraduate students with a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

How to participate?

To learn more or sign up for the program, please contact us via email at and include the following information

  • What kind of help are you looking for?

  • What is the best way to contact you (email or phone or text)?




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